[NetBehaviour] Notch Music and Notch Text

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Nov 2 19:14:56 CET 2021

Notch Music and Notch Text


The notch space space, having a single notch being one notch
having a notch that fits in match.. To cut a notch and wood is
different than cutting a notch in a human being. If it's and. If
a human being cuts a notch in the human being that human being
that human being is not wood. It do not a piece of wood is to
notch a piece of fine oak or 2 notch a piece of pine When you're
not a piece of pine. Then then hold on tap to pause. When you're
not a piece of pine then you were Then you are putting in an
indentation in that piece of pine. That indentation has a floor
like the floor of a Valley that slopes upwards on one side or
the other often it right angles to each other. And not just not
not a basin and not just something very different than a basin
which has no slopes going down to a it's going down to a notch
that would be found at the bottom of the basin. Where is the
sitting animate object. That is plagiarism.. That is plagiarism.
This is not playdr of some. This is not a poem. This is
philosophy. This is what happens when you write about the things
in the world and you choose not to ignore the fact that there
are Things that are sloping in one direction of A-line that may
or may not be straight and things that are sloping in the other
direction of A-line that may or may not be straight. There is no
articulation in the slope of A-line that mayor may not be a
notch. People live in notches. You might have for example pine
tree notch down the road. Sometimes the sides are so steep that
you can never get out of a notch. Sometimes are sometimes all
you have to hold on to is A-line which we can call the vertex of
of the notch.. It is from the vertex and methology from the
vertex some mythologies are generated.. Things swirl around on
both sides of the notch and eventually you begin to understand
that both sides of the notch are the same side of the notch .And
this is true of any notch period from any notch you can
understand that both sides are the same side. Is it is this true
of the beliefs of peoples living in the notch? No it is not true
of the beliefs that people living in the notch period! Shan mark
the reason for this is that the beliefs are skittered from one
side to the other of the notch. A few hours ago I wrote that
people are not parasites but in fact people are parasite . They
live off or within the notches and soon the trees begin to die
as their sap is harvested. You can cultivate the trees to the
extent that you close the notches from one time to another or
periodically .

This is not the place to complain but I'm frustrated with my
philosophical thinking here. It seems to get lost in the
mountains and the streams and the sage brush.It gets lost in the
tumbleweed.It can't be found in any situation where there is
uncertainty. What is the way to deal with this? It's simple
simple go to your religion! Mission mark the more the religion
is exclusive it is exclusive and demanding the less you have to
worry about the uneasiness of trying to climb out of the sides
of the notch.You can organize things from the bottom of the
notch. You can organize things really well down there. No one
will tell you what to do. No 1 has to say anything to you. View.
You live within the notch and you are the master mistress. Of
that notch.. You are the Mistress Master of that knowledge. You
can legislate between mistress And master. You can do anything
you want. You are the mistress master of the Notch.

Oh yes, the Notch has a name. The name of the notch is pine
tree notch. People live there. People have lived there for
generations. No one is there who has not lived there for
generations. Most of the time the notch just empty most of the
time we are all empty and we are all gathered together at the
edge of the notch. At the edge of the notch. I wonder about
access to medicine and hospitals in the notch. I wonder about
access to food and education and vaccines. I wonder about access
to power and clothis to power and close and food and drink. I
wonder about access to education and drink. I wonder about
access to medicine and close. Almost everyone lives in a notch.
We are all living in a notch. But. But we have streams and we
conjure up but bit's brought up but we can't jure up but but we
conjure up images on the sides of the notch. On the sides of the
wide wide. notch. Much. And we forget the death and misery in
the fold. It's all right to say derive. As long as you have the
money to wander around the city And maybe even take busses when
you need to go home if you ever need to go home.


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