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I'm lucky enough to have something in this. I've just been browsing 
through the other entries, and it's full of interesting work. Thanks, Bjorn!


On 04/11/2021 18:37, Bjørn Magnhildøen via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Welcome to The Unmoving show
> - a psychogeographical drift in the matrix
> The unmoving show is an open, interactive, performative exhibition. A 
> sort of immanent psycho-navigation made explicit, of what goes on 
> while we do nothing. A framework of unmoving. Since we put ourselves 
> at the center of attention, everything else revolves around us in 
> constant motion. The sun moves across the sky. A dog barks. Your 
> position to a screw in the ceiling is continuously calculated.
> Curators: Andy Deck, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Zsolt Mesterhazy.
> Participants (as per today)
> Isabel Brison, Joana Chicau and Renick Bell, Cyborg Art Collective, 
> Antonela Debiasi, Andy Deck, Benna Gaean Maris, Bob Georgeson, Nicole 
> Kouts, Tatjana Macic, Ilias Marmaras, Konstantina Mavridou, Daniel 
> Melendez, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Edward Picot, A. A. Sesma, Alan Sondheim, 
> Elle Thorkveld, A. P. Vague
> Website
> https://unmoving.show/
> It is a critique of attention hacking and self-consumption. 
> Psychogeography is redefined through brain research as non-intentional 
> navigation in space and among objects. The exhibition is shaped as a 
> continuous, unpredictable and erratic stream of orientation/awareness 
> based on the works and their metadata/surroundings. The show is open 
> for submissions of works during the exhibition. The scripted framework 
> is also subject to change, adding to the performative aspects of the show.
> Interaction: The feed responds to keyboard input. Input becomes part 
> of the output of later sessions of other users. The longer the feed 
> keeps going the more articulate it gets.
> The project exhibits in collaboration with The Wrong Biennale, from 
> Nov 1, 2021 to  Mar 1, 2022.
> We see the works as landmarks in a kind of psycho-virtual navigation, 
> and hope you can see some crass beauty in this
> drift, as we do, even if the attraction should lie in its unmoving 
> character. For all its moving, its purpose and result
> remain an unmoving show.
> For more info see source code of site
> view-source:https://unmoving.show/
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