[NetBehaviour] The Real

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 8 03:49:13 CET 2021

The Real


The Real is designed in relation to the Imaginary and the
Symbolic, on God there I go again. Or the Real is Plastic and
all that's left is the Plastic. Or hell. Or the Real is a derive
movie set. Damn it. Or the Real is the real. What a mess. Or the
Real is whatever I say it is. No one's listening. Or you can't
reel the Real in. Stupid pun. Or the Real just sites there, the
practico-inert. Maybe the Real is inconceivable. Well now, now.
Or no one lives in the Real. Junk think. Or the Real is
unavailable but if your car dealership warranty is up please
call now. Ridiculous, there's no warranty in the Real.
"Yesterday. Few incursions into the Reich. We attack London with
450 aircraft, 430 tons of explosions and 11,000 incendiaries
dropped... ...Good monthly from the Berlin theatres, Full houses
everywhere. Hilpert is the only one who seems to have had a
streak of bad luck in the theatre. He will have to be cheered up
a little... (Goebbels Diaries trans. Keegan) "Hopalong studied
the situation. They could all see that these men had chosen a
position carefully concealed, and it was probable that lone
camper by the spring did not know of their existence, nor they
of him, although the last was less probable." (Louis L'Amour,
The Trail to Seven Pines.) Or the Real is a class of numbers.
Or the Real is the only student in the class and I am the only

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