[NetBehaviour] One-Off Moving Image Festival 2021

Bjørn Magnhildøen noemata at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 11:57:38 CET 2021

Welcome to the fourth edition of One-Off Moving Image Festival!


We're screening one-second movies, off takes, and 60 seconds movies on
the theme "After IS NOw". The interpretation has been open, both for
the theme and for what an "off take" means.

This year the festival is screening the movies online during the
festival November 7 - 14, 2021. We have intended to screen all movies,
with no jury or curation. We also use public space to show the
festival via QR-codes.

We're collaborating with 60Seconds Festival in Copenhagen (DK) which
takes place at the same time, to screen a selection of the movies
mixed with 60 seconds movies in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and
Helsingør during the festival week.

One-Off Festival is part of The Wrong biennale #5, Nov 1, 2021 to Mar 1, 2022.
The movies are screened on the One-Off channel at The Wrong TV the whole period.

We will also be showing videos from One-Off during the week November
11-18, in a collaboration with arebyte on screen and The Wrong. The
exhibition uses a browser plugin for the videos to pop up in a window
in the viewer's browser at specific times. It's a new way of curating,
programming and experiencing the festival and we're happy to be part
of it.

In addition, all movies will be included in the next Leap Second
Festival, an irregular x-ennale lasting one second.

Susanne Layla Petersen, brad brace, Angelika Vardalou, Robert
Bermudez, Rocio, Dillon Lue, Ariel Saavedra, Seamone Johnson, Alesya
Harkusha, Bob Georgeson, Karl Heinz Jeron, Lavoslava Benčić, davey
whitcraft, Bruce Barber, Angel Sesma, Alan Sondheim, osvaldo cibils,
Jasmine Hoagland, Tija Place, klaus pinter, Adrian Pickett, lorenzo
papanti, Patrick Lichty, Timo Kahlen, Zsolt Mesterhazy, ronnie s,
Silvia Nonnenmacher, Jürgen Trautwein, TRIANTAFYLLIA NTOUROUPI, Nina
Sobell, chan somethingstar, Brie Polehna, Michael Ridge, Cyborg Art
Collective, Ankica Mitrovska, Anon, Benna Gaean Maris, Eric Bico, Lin
Li, James Hutchinson, Amanda Rumbaugh, Cassidy Swick, Bo Gyeong Son,
Timothy Krohn, Natalie Sevits, Lucas Adduci, Tiz Creel, Sam Marihugh,
Anne Gulfo, Patricia, Haley Sordyl, Mark Mabry, Katelyn Stuck, Jacey
Kellaway, Jenn Mata, Allie Richard, Samantha Taylor, Lxs De Signer,
Audrey Banks, forevermidi.com / Rudy Paganini, Bya de Paula, Kristin
Anderson, eric van Zuilen, Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, Elle
Thorkveld, Dylan Hawk, Tatjana Macic, AK Ocol, Zlatan Filipovic,
Shalala Salamzadeh, Anna Utopia Giordano, jess vaughn, Andy Deck,
Stefanie Reling-Burns, Vreneli Harborth, Hussel Zhu, Linda Truong, A.
P. Vague, Justen E Shotts, tobias c. van Veen, Ben Grosser, Gianluca
Capozzi, Saeid Dorrani, Hakan Lidbo, Alain Rimbert, David Herman Cohn,
Francisco Fabrega, Nganwa Ao, Hamed Nobari & Asghar Besharat,
Alexandra Mocan, Hilde Skevik and Ellen Henriette Suhrke, and Igor

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