[NetBehaviour] PIKSEL21 - REBOOT ME SOFTLY Nov18-21 2021, Full programme

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The 19th edition of the Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free
November 18-21 2021

Welcome to the 19th Edition of PIKSEL FESTIVAL!
Piksel is an annual festival for artists and developers working with
free/open source software, hardware and art in Bergen, Norway.

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to join us for the new
edition of Piksel, either in person, online, or even on TV!

Piksel festival has selected more than sixty artists presenting
projects, workshops, and live concerts. Themes ranging from gender
roles in computer games, to electronic literature or our overlords of
social media. REBOOT ME SOFTLY will address our post-pandemic state of
mind, in conflux with the altered state of the planet earth.
Vindicating forgotten languages from original communities, and also
reviving and re-interpreting extinct AI from Indian–American original
communities in South America.

PIKSEL21. REBOOT ME SOFTLY. The only cure for post-pandemic fever.

Piksel Festival highlights:

* Over 60 art installations, 13 presentations, 10 workshops, along
with Q&As and 18 live concerts.

* Exhibition in collaboration with the Critical Engineering Working
Group from Berlin; ´Decoding Black Magic - Interventions in
Infrastructure´. Forget satanism, that's only Disney!

* Friday, Saturday and Sunday; audiovisual performing arts will take
place every night from 20-24h on the Piksel streaming channels and LIVE
at Østre on Friday for the Bergen audience.

* We welcome a new Piksel Kidz Lab edition, with a workshop for the
whole family to participate in and to engage with free technologies,
and, we add to the full program an extensive performing arts workshops
in collaboration with Bergen Dansesenter and PRODA.

Check our website to see the full program! http://21.piksel.no




@ Kulturhuset i Bergen 2 / C. Sundts Gate 40
´Decoding Black Magic - Interventions in Infrastructure´ Exhibition and
Seminar and Q&A @Pikselfliks LIVE with Gordan Savičić, Bengt Sjölén,
Danja Vasiliev, Sarah Grant

@ Studio 207 / Strandgaten 207
Packetsphere: An Internet Travelogue; Zak Argabrite and Becky Brown,
PAC-MOM by Annina Ruest, Agitsent by Jerry Galle, custom rule by Benna,
Platform Sweet Talk by Ben Grosser, The Stage is (a)live by Joana
Chicau, Pfum by Jasmin Meerhoff, The Bug and ☯ by Nick Montfort, Latent
Voice by Jarek Lustych and shrug.no by Zsolt Mesterhazy and Bjørn

@ Palmera / Strandgaten 208
Used to Be My Home Too by Marc Lee, Screaming at the Void by Alan M
Jackson and Tom Daley, Macalla by Shane Finan, Concerto for public
transport orchestra in four movements by Max Alyokhin, 256 Million
colours of Violence by Ali Akhbar Mehta, National report of Amazonian
communities by ###, Falling by Sandrine Deumier, VEXTRE by Maite
Cajaraville, Assimilation of absence by Guely Morató Loredo and Victor
Mazón, and, It seemed like we were moving closer together by Shane

@ Kulturhuset I Bergen 1 / Vaskerelven 8
Usuarios en la noche animaciones de barra 1997/2005, Osvaldo Cibils
Everyone is Trapped in Someone Else's Paradise, Alex Myers
Minus, Ben Grosser
PAC-MOM, Annina Rüst
@ Bergen streets & Studio 207
The rose walks, Tim Shaw and John Bowers

@ Piksel Cyber Salon
We are Here FM by Betsey Biggs and August Black, Dystopia Trilogy
(WebVR) by Patrick Hartono, Holons & Holarchy by Amay Kataria, and
Good-for-nothing (no. 2) and Good-for-nothing (pours) by Nathan
Matteson and Nicholas Kersulis + the online exhibition.

Art of Coding - The Demoscene as UNESCO intangible world cultural
heritage by Andre 'kudrix' Kudra, The experimental and experiential
interaction from the wearable-wearable: Tryptich by Maria Jose Rios
Araya, DMX to Motion: An open hardware DMX controller for large AC
motors by Diego Trujillo Pisanty, analog Not analog by Thomas Jourdan,
Using Web3D-based Computer Graphics as Open Educational Resources for
Coding and Visualizing by Rubem Valentin’s Afro-Brazilian, Artwork and
Beyond by Jorge Ferreira Franco, ModoriTuk – 3D printing by Daniel
Seda, Paradigmshift by mur.at – Association to promote Networked Art,
The workspace as a modular audio visual exhibition by Hakan Lidbo.

SPECIAL PROGRAM @Pikselfliks LIVE @Frikanalen
Seminar and Q&A with Gordan Savičić, Bengt Sjölén, Danja Vasiliev,
Sarah Grant, the Critical Engineering Working Group.


All workshops are free to attend. To sign up send an email to:
All workshops are online except A Butterfly in an Analog Computer by
Wolfgang Spahn

@ Studio 207 / Strandgaten 207
A Butterfly in an Analog Computer by Wolfgang Spahn

@ servus.at-BBB1
Audiovisual creation in Pure Data/GEM using [ARRAST_VJ] by Bruno Rohde
Ephemer(e)ality Capture: Glitching Photogrammetry by Tom Milnes

@ servus.at-BBB2
Mellite – an environment for creating experimental computer-based music
and sound art by Hanns Holger Rutz
Jeu Videa by Natacha Roussel and Amelie Dumont
Simple WebXR with AR.js and Model-Viewer by Tacacocodin

@ Bergen Dansesenter / Georgernes Verft 12
Performing Arts Workshops; You and I, You and Me by Mindaugas
Gapsevicius, and, Responsive Body - Responsive Technology by Kenneth
Flak and Külli Roosna.

@ Studio 207 / Strandgaten 207
Piksel KidZ Lab: Powerful textile and soft electronics by the Norwegian
artist Hillevi Munthe and the Austrian Elisabeth Schimana. 

VIDEO PROGRAM  @Pikselfliks @Frikanalen @Palmera / Strandgaten 208
Usuarios en la noche animaciones de barra 1997/2005 by Osvaldo Cibils,
Island of Doubt by Berfin Ataman, Dasein of Others by Alp Tuğan, Kube y
su conjunto, by Carlos Jose Guaimas, Everyone is Trapped in Someone
Else´s Paradise by Alex Myers, Best Practices in Contemporary Dance by
Naoto Hiota, INFOTOXICATION by Andre Perim, Platform Sweet Talk by Ben
Grosser, PANDEMIC SOUND MAP by Antoni Rayzhekov, Sympathetic Motion by
Berfin Ataman andPAC-MOM by Annina Ruest.

@ Østre / Skostredet 3, @Pikselfliks LIVE! @Frikanalen

Two Body Orchestra, by Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak, KHIPUMANCY by
Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, The Rose Walks by Tim Shaw and John
Bowers, The Unsyncable by Wolfgang Spahn, AlgoNoiseOrchestra by Jenny
Pickett and Julien Ottavi (APO33) with Marinos Koutsomichalis and
Madlab, Visuals performance: Maite Cajaraville and Gisle Frøysland,
Concert for Smartphone Network by Angreja Andric, Glitch Vacation by
Naoto Hieda and Flor de Fuego, Janelas Afetivas: frameworks for
absences by Coletivo Com. 6, Miguel Alonso, Agda Carvalho, Sergio
Venancio and Daniel Malva, LURU by JUCSAY, Anemone Actiniaria by Hanns
Holger Rutz, Cascade | Live coding by Raphaël Bastide, Tropical Rain
Spiritual Cyberexperience by tacacocodin, _ :: _ -> _ -> _, by
Alejandro Franco Briones, sainsŵn: test / pro-fi by sainsŵn,
smorgasbord by tacacocodin, QFT by Jorge Forero, Random Assembly Of
Parrots by Ensamble Aleatorio.

@ Studio 207 / Strandgaten 207
@ Palmera / Strandgaten 208
@ Kulturhuset I Bergen 1 / Vaskerelven 8
@ Kulturhuset I Bergen 2 / C. Sundts Gate 40
@ Piksel Cyber Salon
@ Bergen Dansesenter / Georgernes Verft 12
@ Østre / Skostredet 3

Pikselfliks: https://www.twitch.tv/pikselfliks
Pikselfliks LIVE! :
Frikanalen TV

Piksel21 is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council
Norway, Vestland fylkeskommune, APO33. Piksel21 collaborates with
Dansecenter, PRODA, Lydgalleriet, Critical Engineering Working Group,
Kulturhuset, BIT Teatergarasjen, Servus.at, LiveLab, Culturhub, topLab
and Mur.at.

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working
with free and open technologies in artistic practice.
Part workshop, part festival, it is organized in Bergen, Norway, and
involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging
ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops,
performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free
technologies & art.


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