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I like the strapline 'The greenest technology is the one you already have'.

On 18/11/2021 07:00, lauraplanagracia via NetBehaviour wrote:
> smoltech
> exhibition (works by mathr)
> opening Friday 26th November 2021, 7pm
> artist talk Saturday 4th December 2021, 5pm
> until Saturday 11th December 2021
> CT20, 73 Tontine Street, Folkestone CT20 1JR, ct-20.org <http://ct-20.org>
> workshops
> Clive with mathr - Saturday 15th January 2022, 12-5pm
> Improviz with Rumble‑San - Saturday 22nd January 2022, 12-5pm
> IKLECTIK, "Old Paradise Yard", 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) 
> next to Archbishop's Park, London SE1 7LG, iklectikartlab.com 
> <http://iklectikartlab.com>
> concert with mathr, xname, rumblesan, digital selves & heavy lifting
> Saurday 29th January 2022, 7-10pm
> IKLECTIK, "Old Paradise Yard", 20 Carlisle Lane (Royal Street corner) 
> next to Archbishop's Park, London SE1 7LG, iklectikartlab.com 
> <http://iklectikartlab.com>
> curatorial text
> The exhibition is presented as expressing concern about 
> techno-surveillance capitalism and abuse of power of hyper-structures 
> such as industrial-scale operation data centres consuming a massive 
> amount of electricity, and server farms consisting of thousands of 
> computers which require a large amount of power to run and to keep 
> cool. Also, crypto mining has grown exponentially in the last few 
> years, growing their energy consumption. In other words, 
> cryptocurrency mining surpasses entire countries’ energy consumption, 
> so it urges to spread awareness about the potential environmental 
> costs of technology.
> Furthermore, we are entering an age of mass extinction brought on by 
> excesses of technology resources exploitation, when obsolescence 
> becomes a transformative situation of the human social landscape. 
> Economically and ecologically, e-waste presents a massive 
> environmental catastrophe, transforming planetary geological eras and 
> environments.
> The exhibition proposes using technology in an ethical/ecological 
> applicability, searching for a lower ecological impact, representing 
> an alternative to Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, 
> Apple). Most of these alternatives are connected to the open- source 
> movement and also degrowth. Smoltech is one of these technological 
> movements representing an alternative to tech development, usage, and 
> consumption. Smoltech is a movement to reduce wasteful technology use. 
> It promotes a long-term usage of technology, discouraging throw away 
> culture, preventing e-waste, and developing hacker practices in media 
> archaeology labs that collect old computers and tech for their survival.
> Individuals are using their newly expanded practical freedom to act 
> and cooperate with others in ways that improve the practised 
> experience of democracy, justice and development of a critical culture 
> and community, where collaboration and self-organisation are shared 
> across both business and free software / open hardware, as declared by 
> Yochai Benkler. The degrowth movement proposes an autonomous 
> perspective towards capitalism and the globalised world through 
> artivism, care revolution and climate justice based on the 
> environmental movement and radical ecology democracy, proposing food 
> sovereignty practices that serve as a model for Technological 
> Sovereignty. In addition, degrowth practices apply the principles of 
> free software movement and the commons’ policies towards a solidarity 
> economy and unconditional basic income.
> The exhibition consists of different works such as pure-data sound 
> works and different audio-visual, multimedia, and interactive 
> installations. The artist works using free software and develops his 
> programs to create beautiful fractals, digital creations and new media 
> environments. Claude Heiland-Allen’s (aka mathr) works show the 
> relationship between technology and creativity using computing to 
> challenge conservative positions of technological corporations because 
> of the potential for social change that new/old media and open source 
> have. The audiences will gain an aesthetical experience within the 
> exhibition by combining computer science, performance art, music, 
> technology, fractals, maths, and software programming.
> Curated by Laura Netz.
> smoltech | netzzz.net <http://netzzz.net>
> http://netzzz.net/smoltech/
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