[NetBehaviour] h. TRUCK. FRAME.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 22 15:37:14 CET 2021


h. https://youtu.be/l_bhGZnp2mw video
h. http://www.alansondheim.org/h.jpg

h. The frame.

h. Without the frame there is nothing. this frame or
parentheses of the programmer. It makes no difference The frame
is a mess of the programmer; the programmer is a mess of the
phenomenology of film itself that's at stake! Here's a frame -
what do means of the body's leaning. Two bicycle wheels hold the
frame up. On the red landscape of the highway the red frame
lurches in the sight of everyone can see.

h. The perception of the syzygy is characterized by the frame
problem. Film can be anything; the interior of the frame is
indexical, many-to-one or frame-flame of the image. Can one
imagine a habitus, inhabitation? Is there an announcement or
edge frame dialog, carried forth... carrying forth announces
itself edge frame dialog, carried forth...  stricture s/he said,
you can't have a thing without a frame & a frame yet the frame
held. On the black landscape of the nightway of the high frame,
the read is borne in the site of everywhere, seamless.

h. Video is indexical at best, one might think the film frame
ikonic. what it death. every frame is a dead frame, every video
frame has never been a dialog, for examples, of foxes fractured
from frame to frames.

h. Consider frame [z] at time t and frame [z+1] at brightness
value. One might consider each frame as (f(t), {x,y, {c,b}});
referencing the identity of an assemblage from one frame to
another. The identity of one to another or from one to an other
or from one to one other or from one to one is presenced. It is
presenced; the viewer sees continuity or discontinuity from one
frame the apparent appearance of identical objects from one
frame to another.

h. If the objects are on fire one might speak of char. If they
are not, they may be unspeakable. One can speak of the
unspeakable but no farther; the barrier is there as the truck is
passed in the night.

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