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Sun Nov 28 06:16:41 UTC 2021


https://youtu.be/jIVJ1g-KHTc VIDEO

Somewhere in the west of the country I beginning to understand
lands, fences, prairies, arroyos, and their immense silence of
speech, metaphysics and philosophy, in the intensity of a
horizontal that abjures detail but detail nonetheless. And I
thought of PLACEHOLESKY as a film that should be hours or
forever long, thin as a cactus needle, wide as the wingspan of
a vulture (red or black, take your pick). So this emerged and
says what I want to say and I can hear what it says and I hope
you can hear it too. **

The word "PLACEHOLESKY", placeholder for the PLACEHOLESKY
A placeholder of the name that was generated by the name.
Rigid designator of structure and placeholder intertwined.
A placeholder is always already under erasure.
The word "holarch"'s a placeholder for the holarch.
A placeholder's always already under erasure - imaginary.
[ placeholder, PLACE ]
[ placeholder HOLE ]
[ placeholder SKY ]
[ placeholder, sky, hole, earth, place, truck, road, fence ]

**victim of too many Westerns

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