[NetBehaviour] Somewhere on the Road and Ideas not Husserl's

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Fri Oct 8 01:38:50 CEST 2021

Somewhere on the Road and Ideas not Husserl's

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Ideas not time to follow through -

The idea of the American Midwest as being a place that's
incredibly sad as unemployment and small places closing makes
themselves make themselves felt at every moment. So the idea
that I had which would be that of trump signs everywhere isn't
really the case dash at least not yet. And instead of aggression
or anger I just feel this sadness wherever we go and stay. Dash

Thinking through philosophy and the text that I've been reading
now a lot of theory dash you just have to assume that when I say
dash I mean the punctuation mark . It seems to me that
philosophy holds its own as a kind of rigidity going all the way
back to the presocratics and even earlier. And what this means
for me is that it breaks its relationship with the real to the
extent that the real is defined mathematically or by my thesis
that is MA THESIS. One can argue backwards and forwards about
the relationship of mathematical thought to philosophy but it
seems to me that there's a radical break dash a rupture between
these positions in other words between these bodies of what
passes for knowledge. Mathematical knowledge in a sense is
absolute because it's dependent upon proof theory
presuppositions it's so forth and goes on from there .
Philosophical knowledge is based on a combination of social
political and phenomenological realms which in a sense are
floating signifiers; even phenomenology detaches from
neurophysiology as if the problems were elsewhere. It goes back
I think constantly to issues of explicit discovery and of course
of course falsifiability. Philosophy like literature isn't
falsifiable - it floats. So many of my friends are engaged one
way or another with the liturgical in a sense - all those
arguments back and forth about deconstruction are fading, only
someday to be resurrected in a realm of thought, historicity,
and the thought of historicity. I'm saying absolutely nothing
new, speaking like a boor, as usual, about things I know nothing
about, as well.

I try hard to come up with something new every day in terms of
thinking and in terms of production. So there are videos and
there are photographs and there are just snippets of thoughts
like these . I worry constantly about being a stain on the
highway or turning over in the ditch but so far nothing has
happened and the trip has been relatively uneventful except for
seeing people along the way .

The music is something I'm more sure about . Music is something
that can take advantage of being played or produced in different
sorts of spaces. The shaka hachi piece was played in the
stairwell which added its own reverberation . I then found I had
to add additional processing afterwards to make it listenable.
The other instrument which is a combination of a guitar and a
ukulele - Well that was done somewhere in a motel . I don't
remember where. So it's music on the road or what I consider or
think about as somewhere music it's somewhere music .

More or less soon -

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