[NetBehaviour] Siganom

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 11 04:35:56 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/BwCw0OC_P-0 video - anomalous radio signal

I'm taking down the trip as I go tripping down the road with
azure. We've just gone about 2000 miles so far I'm doing now in
Cheyenne Wyoming. Azure shoots video for me and I shoot video as
well. Azure shoots still images for me and I shoot still images
as well.. The cameras aren't good we can't afford good cameras
send us some money or send us your good cameras that you're not
using so we can actually make better quality work than we're
doing on the road at the moment. But we are getting close to the
continental divide for example and we're up high high high and
you can see the landscape rising Almost like the edge of a
saucer. This is not an original metaphor with me to metaphor
everyone has used the big saucer of the land it's always conquer
reaching up to the sky So it is here. Suddenly I get a note: no
network connection No network connection. It just goes off we're
in a motel I'm not using the motel or network because a motel
network is a mess and open. I'm surprised that all the places
were staying have opened networks and it's just easy to hack I
just don't remember how to do it. I used to know how to do it.
Now I'm doing something else trying to make sense of what seems
to be an enormous flat arena that we're crossing. The upper West
seems sad. It seems violent. There are so many hunting places
around that it's inconceivable to me inconceivable to me. It's a
culture of guns. It's a gun culture it's not something that just
people do like hunting or target shooting in their spare time
period it's like it's made of meat they're meat pure. At the
same time the sadness result of money withdrawn . There are a
lot of big cars and trucks around. But you already know that.
It's as if you've been here. You have been here. Even if it you
don't live here it's all over America. It's all over everywhere
in America and you hear about it everywhere in america-sphere.
The shooting the video and camera shooting is blurry isn't still
and the sound comes out almost buried by the roar of the car. So
it's a kind of trip documentary in tatters that's going to be of
no interest to anyone except to me and except to me. What I did
record that's fascinating and uncomfortable is a short wave
signal short wave radio signal that went on and covered so many
bands that I could pick it up all over the place. With a place.
It wasn't something I'd heard before and I recorded it not with
a wire connection a direct connection but with a microphone and
the recorder at the other end. So it's not perfect but I did
also get really good spectrographs from it . I'll put this sound
up sometime soon. I've worked with abnormal signals before and
this is one of the most interesting ones I've ever heard. I'm
reading nicha and Roland Bart. I love the new spelling of the
dictation. I find well it's not neecha exactly it's Walter
Kaufman on neecha . It's interesting how the semantics of
dictation works it picks up on occasion what I'm saying on an
occasion it drops at tries for another stream that then comes
back and joins, merge's, with the initial stream so that things
are thrown off and this probably makes no sense at all but yes
you do know it makes a lot of sense and you know how smart I am.

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