[NetBehaviour] Video cross-country journey of weather and roads

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 12 18:15:14 CEST 2021

Video cross-country journey of weather and roads

https://youtu.be/MbqJN5jLJoY VIDEO

One of the trees in the image (on the left background hill) is
the last image on the video

Want to patent temperatures between 68 and 74 F.
Thought of changing my name to Scam Likely, getting a number for
that good anywhere tapping into cellphones so they reach me and
say hello.
Wonder how far our car will drift in a blizzard and weather all-
whether tires mean anything.
Think it might be colder here than in say Iraq.
Counted up too many lucky miles and perhaps wore them out.

The video - cross country from Rhode Island to West Jordan, Utah
with some scenic in-between, almost inaudible bad narrative, but
the sky and the miles long decades long rises before the miles
long decades long falls interests me. Towards the very end
series of stills.

What I learned - the land's inert. It's there, the crust is
unbelievably thin, just like that. It's early morning and I
can't type well and I wonder what the universe of typing is

Might continue the video, worried about blizzards and whiteouts
and how that manifests itself in cars shooting across lanes and
enormous early winter pileups and angels descending from the sky
the Rapture's on its way we won't be around for it.

The image says everything because it says nothing in the form of
an infinitesimal tether.

An hour long video designed for shuttling no surprises but
states of place and mind. Might continue this.



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