[NetBehaviour] Road Rode

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Oct 17 16:57:09 CEST 2021

Road Rode


"Miracles, considered as unnatural facts, are amathematical, but
there are no miracles in this sense, and those so called may be
comprehended by means of mathematics, for to mathematics,
nothing is miraculous." - Novalis, Schriften, Zweiter Teil,
Berlin, 1911

In a way it's useless documenting a trip like this because all
that results is a vector.. Anyone can create a vector anywhere.
A vector says nothing about what's going on but it's the most
obvious way way of creating a structure around the movement. The
movement here is from East to West. There's not much beyond that
period so you see the landscape sliding in a direction that if
you're looking out The right hand window it's moving from West
to East. While the car moves from East to West. I don't know
what this means because it has very little philosophical content
and no content in itself. There's nothing about a drive except a
kind of neutrality. I've been reading more comments about the
philosophy of mathematics and one thing that stands out is that
mathematics in a sense has no philosophy. There's no mystery at
mathematics. When might find it mysterious to create or to move
towards a particular goal and mathematics or to solve a
particular intractable equation. But it's not exactly the same
thing. So in that sense traveling across the country is deadpan.
It says nothing except that there is a structure which is moving
across the landscape. That's it that's all there is to it. It's
kind of like the expression stock-still. I can play or do music
anywhere and that makes something else out of it and I can also
make structures minimal structures out of photography or
videography. What's the - I mean. That this doesn't go very far.
That's what I was trying to say it's a kind of bouncing along
and creating miniaturized works miniaturized works that don't
involve anything virtual that don't involve involve anything
that might advance my own thinking instead it's yeah instead
it's almost as if there's a hiatus In the world while we
struggle forward. I can forget where I am I can forget my name I
can forget my arms and legs I sit behind the wheel and turn the
car from one side to the other. The sides follow in parallel the
edges of the road. Sometimes they may not do that and that can
become frightening. Sometimes there might be a cross over. But
so far it's linear in the sense that there are parallels being
constructed no matter which way the event turns out.

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