[NetBehaviour] Testimony not of grace.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 20 06:41:46 CEST 2021

Testimony not of grace.

How my work works. Why my work is what it is.


Think of the idea of testimony in relationship to my work the
medical doctors testimonies in the Nuremberg Trials trials for
example. Testimony of the woman in Amsterdam living under the
table, permanently crippled hiding from the Nazis. The talk
testimony of Holocaust survivors or children of Holocaust
survivors who I knew. Or Images of atomic bombs exploding .
Images of a hydrogen bomb exploding that I had on my night
table. Testimonies of miners and disasters. Floods. Kids for
Sale the recent film. Vito Acconci's work in the testimony of
the 2nd person And of the voice. Paul Celan. Amery. Miners and
mining catastrophes. Anne Frank's photograph next to me. The
destruction of the Arab restaurant and disappearance of my Arab
friend. Gunfire on the Galil. Suicides I knew. The family that
couldn't remember the family. The basement apartment with no
working toilet. Neighbor I knew burned the theater down. What do
you expect. I was a coward. I was a distant witness. I was a
disappointment .

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