[NetBehaviour] Fwd: CALL FOR ARTIST PROPOSALS: imagining technologies for complicated, unproductive, happy humans

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Subject: CALL FOR ARTIST PROPOSALS: imagining technologies for complicated,
unproductive, happy humans

Imagine that tomorrow you wake up on this planet and all social and
communication technologies have disappeared...
*Imagine you wake up and all social and communication digital technologies
have disappeared from the planet.*

While you loved certain aspects of the digital world—i.e., existing in many
places simultaneously—the post-pandemic world itches with dissatisfaction
about bureaucracy and the burden of productivity, and is determined to
build lives of meaning through connecting with others, patience, empathy,
and ethics, and the right to be lazy, unproductive, creative, and

Curators Modrak&Ghidini invite artists to submit proposals imagining a new
spectrum of technologies. Works will be presented on the
web-based curatorial project *UnProductiveSolutions*.

*UnProductiveSolutions* will be presented online as a “company” invested in
revolutionary, values-based, ethical technologies. Proposed technologies
may be digital, digital & analog, or post-digital (an imagined mode of
transmission). Proposed technologies may be plausible or fantastic, and
should be sincere. Imagined technologies should be inherently critical of
existing ones, but *UnProductiveSolutions* is not skeptical or meant to be
read as parody.

We would like to read proposals by artists or art collectives that imagine
new forms of technology. Proposals may be speculative or intended to be

We imagine receiving your thoughts and imaginings via a three-page pdf with
several images, maximum 600 words, but if you have an alternative form of
presentation, we’re open to this. Proposals should include a timeline for
the production of work, beginning with December 5, 2021 as the notification
of acceptance date. The project will be presented towards the end of 2022.

Submit proposals to unproductivesolutions at gmail.com by November 12, 2021,
11:59pm (ET)

— Five proposals will be accepted for artists to develop and complete the
work. Artists will receive a $2,000 honorarium upon submission of the final
work. As part of the program, we will arrange a studio visit with a
specialist, such as a philosopher or astronomer, to further humanize and
challenge the development of the work. Artists will receive the services of
a videographer to create a marketing promotion for your technology.
Artworks/ technologies will be displayed as a succession of featured
"subsidiary companies" on the UnProductiveSolutions

— Five proposals will be accepted in their current state as proposals.
These will receive a $100 honorarium and will be presented in their
proposal form as "future projects" on the UnProductiveSolutions

The Open Call will be reviewed by curator Marialaura Ghidini and
artist/writer Rebekah Modrak, with a collaborative interest in disrupting
the rhetoric of digital technologies, e-commerce, and the workings of
online platforms. We have worked together as Modrak&Ghidini since 2015,
starting with the project #exstrange
an intervention into the online marketplace.

Ghidini is a curator whose work explores the intersections between art,
technology, and society. She is visiting researcher for the project
at the Exhibition Research Lab (ERL), Liverpool John Moores University in
Liverpool (UK).

Modrak’s practice is at the intersections of art, activism, critical
design, and creative resistance to consumer culture. Her Internet-based
critique brand messaging. She is a professor at the Stamps School of Art &
Design at the University of Michigan (US).
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