[NetBehaviour] cyclonic vector

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 25 07:49:03 CEST 2021

cyclonic vector

https://youtu.be/5o-gH5YYUz0 video

so they talked about the cyclonic bomb offshore and its relation
to global climate collapse and expansion. so we felt that out
west and then for two days riding through something to that
effect. so we recorded parallel lines meeting at infinity
sometimes with trucks and cars in the way. maybe the lightpoles
bent as they did when i was exhausted driving alone 26 hours
straight dallas to l.a. years ago. maybe they didn't. but the
extremes were there as injections of tropisms that drove the
thing forward. we were returning from archives and work done on
levels. cars went by and we heard them. we were tired and i
clenched the steering wheel maybe 15 hours added up over two
days. it went away a tiny and was back the next day which is now
late and ordinery. tonight was back. it was the clenching that
indicated everything serious in the world. even now i cannot
type. may hands doing other than what hands do when they are

{now so calm and wonder why do i write like this. i do not ask
of you what is rhetoric although I do not know. only that i
teeter. that teeter is involved. that pushing stories into
others (stories) and back again. and now not so calm again.}

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