[NetBehaviour] What the wind says to the wind.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Oct 25 19:58:52 CEST 2021

What the wind says to the wind.

https://youtu.be/OEeKRG_eoGg video

Life is an accident.. How to capture the stillness of the wind.
When when the wind moves it speaks to the wind. Neighbors are
neighbors are neighbors, then fly about. The wind is everywhere
in the universe. Life life is an accident. Radiations, Quizar's
Nova supernova supernova metaversus universe's micro versus
micro versus is the world as a whole the totality which is
inconceivable is not susceptible to life. We are the only living
things in the universe. Our Solar System is the only living
Solar System in the universe.. What proof do we have of this? If
life were like a banner of lights everywhere blinking on and off
sending sentient messages we would be clear about everything.
But we are in the dark. The universe is dark . The universe is
annihilation to the limit. The universe is always annihilation.
The universe is always already annhilation. But the universe is
the knowledge set which exfoliates and collapses. I am witness
of this. I am the sole witness of this. I understand this better
than anyone. I have lived through this. the wind is everywhere.
The wind sinters and destroys and the wind gives birth and
brings forth. What is the wind but a universe. It is endless. It
is an accident. It is endless. It is an accident. My accident
here is that of a signpost. I make signpost. You are reading a
sign post. The signpost will be annihilated. At the end of the
sentence of our lives the signpost will be annihilated.

Now we're going as if we were coming through on the other side.
Now we go on and continue as if there were another side. Now we
forget that we are a movie a strip (perish? perhaps?) a strip.
We are always returned to our origins which is out of the chaos
and inconclusivity of the conclusivity of the universe as a
whole. The message those stars give us out there? Is that there
is no message at all. We are staring at something that is
absolute blank. We analyze the absolute blank. Our Cyclotrons
and Atom (Adam?) smashers analyzed the absolute flying. But that
is what it is and it is what it is.

I am the Adam smasher. I am the Adam smasher.
I am the man who tried to cut the wind with a scissors.
I am the man who cut the wind with a scissors.

Should I end here? Should I end this nonsense here? Shouldn't it
get the negation? Should I look for a positivity in the fact
that we are here? That that? I am speaking at the level of a
first grade physics class. That is where the. comes into play.
This is not a game, this is the wind. This is what the wind does
when the wind speaks to itself. The wind is speaking to itself.
The off. This is what the wind says. This is what the wind says
all the time.

I have nothing to do with it I have nothing to do with any of

Watch slowly. Live with the wind. It stops. It stops right now.
It stops right here. It stops without the wind. The wind is
always without the wind. The wind is always without anything.

The wind cuts the wind with a scissors. The wind cuts a scissors
with the wind.

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