[NetBehaviour] Blowing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 27 03:06:19 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/UDCd0jXfdfs video

With the low pressure system, the storm followed us all the way
to Utah. This was what they were calling a cyclonic bomb out
West and indicating and extraordinarily low pressure over
Vancouver island in Canada. I like to play music or what might
pass for music in these sorts of environments where we have
something untoward going going on. The wind makes furious noise
in these few recordings. I'm playing the wooden shakahachi. What
occurs in is mostly on one hand the wind whistling across
everything and on the other hand I'm trying to create some kind
of musical semblance out of yeah posemblance out of what results
from my playing. A lot of times in fact most of The Times the
notes aren't even audible or producible. There's just too much
wind. It's odd but the wind doesn't show up that much in the
plants and trees around - I think that might be because of the
fact that there desert plants in the area we're in and these
tend to be a little more rigid.I used to dislike the noise but
the noise is the is the incognito message or sage or state or
environment of the universe itself.You're not hearing me
speaking through the instrument so much as you're hearing the
instrument drowning in the sea of what can only be described as
the totality of the world. There is always a wind blowing. There
is always music to be made but that's up to me and you. It's not
up to the wind. The wind is making music. The wind is up to the
wind and we are up to the wind. We are in it. We are drowning in
the wind. We are submerged in the wind.Isn't this listening and
creating John Cageian?  Is that even a word? Most of the world
and most of all the world's roar the world's roar most of the
time period it quantum noise is nothing but roaring on the scale
so small that we think it almost stationary. Right now at this
moment I prefer this form of music over all others. The roar
dominates the microphones and the roar swallows them up. The
sound is really not the sound of the roar of course but the
sound of the war going over or through the microphones.. We are
all transparent to the roar. The roar is the lion's roar. The
roar is what you get when the lion roars. The roar is Buddha .
The roar is Buddha is Buddha. The roar is Buddha. Buddha.
Buddha. Buddha. Buddha. What a. Buddha. Buddha. Buddha. Void up.
What a void. What a roar. What a void.

{i can't do anything when the lion roars.
world swallows the world.
that is the first lesson they said.
world swallows the world.
last lesson indeed they said.)

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