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Mateus Domingos mateus.domingos at phoenix.org.uk
Thu Oct 28 15:48:26 CEST 2021

Hi all,

I'm really happy to share details of an exhibition we've been working on at Phoenix.

It takes place on a p2p network which you can access via Beaker browser or Agregore, or anything else that can access the Hyper protocol.

In the development of the project we partnered with a bunch of folks who I'm sure are on this list and some others that aren't (QUAD, BOM, Vivid Projects, Furtherfield and The Photographers Gallery). We commissioned a group of 12 artists; Larisa Blazic, Daniel Sean Kelly, Nisa Khan, Rhiannon Lowe, Emily Mulenga, Antonio Roberts, Ailie Rutherford, Christopher Samuel, Samiir Saunders, Shinji Toya, Nye Thompson & Lily Wales.

They have each created wonderful pieces that you can visit via the project website: carefulnetworks.net<https://carefulnetworks.net>

The links to the p2p exhibition will go live from tomorrow (Friday, 7pm BST). Initially each of the artists are hosting the work of one of the other artists. As a visitor you can also join in and host the works.

If you're unable to access the P2P version we'll be uploading an archive version available through http browsers on 12th November.

Would love to hear from you if you do visit the network.


Mateus Domingos

Assistant Producer


Leicester's Independent Cinema, Art Centre and Café Bar

4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG

0116 242 2800

mateus.domingos at phoenix.org.uk<mailto:mateus.domingos at phoenix.org.uk>


Phoenix is the trading name of Leicester Arts Centre Ltd, registered as a charity since 1989 and as a limited company

in England and Wales no. 02276987. Registered office: 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG

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