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"... On the intensive continuum, the

strata fashion forms and form matters into substances. In combined

they make the distinction between expressions and contents, units of

expression and units of content, for example, signs and particles. In

they separate flows, assigning them relative movements and

diverse territorialities, relative deterritorializations and complementary

reterritorializations. Thus the strata set up everywhere double

animated by movements: forms and substances of content and forms

and substances of expression constituting segmentary multiplicities with

relations that are determinable in every case. Such are the strata. Each

is a double articulation of content and expression, both of which are

really distinct and in a state of reciprocal presupposition. Content and

expression intermingle, and it is two-headed machinic assemblages that

place their segments in relation. What varies from stratum to stratum is the

nature of the real distinction between content and expression, the nature of

the substances as formed matters, and the nature of the relative movements.

We may make a summary distinction between three major types of

real distinction: the real-formal distinction between orders of magnitude,

with the establishment of a resonance of expression (induction); the

real-real distinction between different subjects, with the establishment of

a linearity of expression (transduction); and the real-essential distinction

between different attributes or categories, with the establishment of a

superlinearity of expression (translation)."
A Thousand Plateaus p.79


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