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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Shaming Facebook:

>From CNN:

Facebook is changing its company name to Meta as it confronts
wide-ranging scrutiny of the real-world harms from its various
platforms after a whistleblower leaked hundreds of internal

Now then - Just saying -

In 1972, I formed META Corporation, I think it was "Limited" -
but nonetheless it was real; I was influenced by work done in
"futurology" (although not Toffler etc.), teaching these
materials, etc. So here are some random references:

>From my archives at Fales/Bobst NYU:

META: GENERAL PROSPECTUS, Alan Sondheim, for the Meta
Corporation I began in 1972, dealing with art as research.
Incorporated in Rhode Island.


Meta/Kit 1 by Alan Sondheim
Meta advertisement brochure, early 1970s

Proposal for an Interactive Children's Program on Cable
Television, Ellen Israel - Alan Sondheim, 1976: TV ME. This
proposal stemmed out of the Meta Corporation work I did; it
never went through. 1972 Documenta 5 catalog (background

folded 'poster' of taped announcements etc., Alan Sondheim,
music and Meta (sitting on top of folders)

Meta Corporation advertisement from the mid 1970s

Hierarchical Structuring. Meta Limited, 1972.
Announcement for Alans band, Meta, 2 copies.
(Alan Sondheim Collection, electronic literature lab)

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Mezzanine Collection:
Part of the Mezzanine Exhibition Series, this file contains
invites for Sondheims Mezzanine show, Meta, held April 5-8 1972.
Also included is textual material by Sondheim and a photocopied
poster for Sondheims show.

Electronic Literature Organization | Precedents: I want credit:
in 1971 or so, created and registered a corporation called
'Meta' designed to use conceptual art-making and other related
practices, to create new ways of doing philosophy, futurology
research and so forth. (from Broken Theory, upcoming book,

Broken Copy from MIT ad, original text by Charlotte Townsend:
*Alan Sondheim*, exhibition *Meta* Ltd.  Gerald Ferguson, ...
Page 57 On several occasions the space was taken over by a
visiting groupImage Bank or Pulsa or *Alan Sondheim's Meta*as a
centre from which to direct their operations, distribute
information, and be available to students. Page 161 Charlotte
Townsend on *Alan Sondheim Alan Sondheim*, who taught at the
Rhode Island School of Design, described himself as a visiting
artist, or, better, a one-man information re- trieval system.28
*Meta* Ltd., which he had recently [...]
(in The Last Art College, Garry Neill Kennedy, MIT Press)

-- Somewhere have the original articles of incorporation as well
as stationary and logo designs used at the time.
For the log, I used a heptagon, a remarkably beautiful figure,
appearing oddly unstable and energized -

-- All these unfulfilled plans gone under-underground, and now
Facebook buries them forever (or something!).

-- Alas (or something!).

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