[NetBehaviour] Wasatch X

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Oct 30 06:49:05 CEST 2021

Wasatch X

https://youtu.be/MnKzxW2Kvps video

One is lying on top of another, or 2 animals are reclined
together I give 2 horses to each man or YouTube. Twice I did it
twice in 2 places I put the thing in 2 places to be 2 together
to be with him. To be with her. You are with a mium with him I
am with him I'm with you that war twist me with me I am with me.
He is with you. I want to shoot a hole through an object with a
gun.. I have found something untoward and meanot toward and men
have shot it. It made everything fall . It twists. It's. It's
rolled up really tightly in the bundle and sometimes a heavy
object will roll over and over in one direction and sometimes it
will roll over and another. Sometimes it depends on whether it
will be pushed and sometimes it will depend on whether it will
be pulled perit's a pulled. Objects rarely move of their own
accord. Sometimes they will walk and they will walk with you.
When an object walks with you And you walk with it you might
then think about counting you might think about counting and
when an object looks down on you you might hang something up on
a nail on a post. You might peep down into it. You might look
down on the water and see something that is not an image of you.
You might blow a spirit water from the mouth. What is that when
that happens. I wish you would tell me very accurately as best
you can How things are. How are things with us. Are they married
yet. Do they roll over and over firsthe over 1st rolling in one
direction and then rolling in the other direction . When
something is rolling something is looming. When something is
looming you can say it is looming in one direction like a heavy
log that blocks the sun. I'm not sure where it is going but
sometimes you might change a letter that answers a question
about gender about the public about the hardness of everything
around you. Water looks down on water and sees itself. Water
reflects itself in itself. What is water, water says? Water is
that which pulls off or pulls or pulls on something which is an
image of water. I took the water home with me the water came
with me and ate with me. The water drank with me I don't know
what the water drank or Wyatt drank. But it did do that and I
was there to see it do that I was always there to see it do that
and to do that I would always be there. Oh my horse's, oh my
Guns. Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my I am I when I address
someone who is addressing me who has a child whose father is the
answer of my Uncle's sister oh my oh my omai is me omai omai
omai is me. There is water and there is strange water. There is
wood and there is strange wood. T. There is rock and there is
strange rock. Buck. There is sky and there is a strange sky. Is
the running man something ancient? Is the running woman's
something ancient ancient? Is the ancient running man as ancient
as the ancient running woman? Is the ancient running woman as
ancient as the ancient running man? There is a strange rock and
a strange rock is next to a strange rock. A running man is next
to the strange wood. Oh my oh my oh my oh my is me. Oh my. Omai
is a strange rock omai is a strange wood Omaha is the strange
sky. The ancient verbs are the most ancient verbs. The ancient
nouns are the most ancient nouns. Oh my!! Oh wow! Oh! Oh! Oh!

I speak out accurately in my mind.. I speak accurately in my
mind. I speak mildly accurately in my in my mind. I speak
accurately my mind inspector in MI probably inspector in my

Now you speak accurately in my mind. Now you speak accurately in
your mind. Now your mind speak your mind lay in your eye and
mind late speak accurately in my mind. Speaking lie in my mind
lay my mind speaking accurately in your mind.. In my mind I
speak accurately in my mind I always speak accurately in my mind
when I speak accurately in my mind. I am speaking accurately now
in my mind your mind is speaking accurately not in my mind I am
not speaking accurately in my mind.

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