[NetBehaviour] Worldbuilding Thread (Horses)

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Oh yikes things got busy busy busy and I just found this in my must-
reply file.

Bad Shibe is meant to be troubling and humorous to both its imagined
constituencies. It is bathetic. Horses is more unipolar, and has a
Gibsonian “the world ended and capital just carried on” vibe.

There’s a style in it called “camp”, because it comes from the camps.
And there may or may not be triple-E’s. And there is a prop manufacturer
who meets some extraction attack lawyers. And… Its become a bit of an
attractor for story elements. I’ve written very little of it down, it’s
writing and editing itself in the back of my mind whenever I go for a

On July 1, 2021, NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
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> I find this incredibly chilling 

> It is all just incentives. 

> Bad Shibe manifested a similar world but all the cute jokes, along
> with suggestions of more-than-human agency (even if the agent was
> perhaps a living meme), somehow softened it.<https://rhea.art/bad-
> shibe>
> Its a good call to conjure the cold implacable world of economic-
> incentives-only - and strip it bare - so we can really see what we are
> dealing with.
> Bravo!

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> Seconded! I had to read it twice before I started to understand it.
> There's an epic science fiction novel in here.
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