[NetBehaviour] Yahrzeit the Movie

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 9 17:51:51 CEST 2021

Yahrzeit the Movie

https://youtu.be/vj2SbdUtD8k Video

So this is for Yahrzeit, this is Yahrzeit [correction]. [Yes
and from "yard side."] Obviously this machine and the people
behind this machine can't understand that Yahrzeit ["A
yahrzeit candle, also spelled yahrtzeit candle or called a
memorial candle, is a type of candle that is lit in memory of
the dead in Judaism. This kind of candle, that burns up to 26
hours, is also lit on the eve of Yom Kippur or of the
Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony to burn through the entire
occasion."] is a reference to a custom of lighting a candle to
mourn the death, on the anniversary of the death, on the eve
of Yom Kippur, and thus imminent. I would say immanent as
well, as always with us. My relationship with the world has
always been too messy too tawdry too upsetting too much at a
loss with some moments of joy and happiness, that I felt the
need to record over and over again this Yahrzeit candle that
was lit. "Lit" is too abrupt, perhaps, and perhaps that was
always lighting, always giving off, taking away, light. So
this isn't an alter recognition that something would come
through, a pressure within which back-and-forth time
intersects with itself, dissolution, O obliteration. This is
only a metaphor. We're bound to time and death. But this
Yahrzeit is for us, for everyone, we are still still on the
plane of the planets and we are talking and then later there
will be time for other things after I'm gone as well and the
gas air in fires and waters no longer allow any escape except
for being human. Except for being. I hate having to speak this
way with my back to the wall. It as if I can't face you. It's
as if I can't face anything when I get up in the morning go
outside walk down the street then try hard as I can to walk to
California. I don't get very far. Sometimes I reach the end of
the block. There will always be someone without a mask. I want
to avoid that someone. I turn to the left to the right and
eventually make my way back to the house. Azure comes with me
we call this our daily walk. But is it more of that or is it
more an attempt to cross an inconceivable ocean, body of
water, somewhere and somewhere from which we come. The best
way to watch a video here, Yahrzeit, is to run here and there,
and you at the same time by which I mean the slow when someone
slowly and the breathing or fumbling or stuttered sound and
the image going back and forth exhausting itself. It is
against itself. You can also just go through it bit by bit
backwards and forwards or just look at the first image. That
way you'll know everything there is to know about it. That way
you'll know nothing about me. [There is nothing to know. It is
a rocker.]

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