[NetBehaviour] VLF whole-body murmur in novel light

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 14 06:17:32 CEST 2021

VLF whole-body murmur in novel light


Improvised dance with very low frequency (VLF) wire antenna and
reciever, Kira Sedlock, West Virginia University, Morgantown
2009 or thereabouts; the date is fuzzy, as is the location, the
audience; the sound is from VLF interacting with the body, with
low frequency in the environment, with itself.

We are fields, of course, confluences and coagulations of
fields, multitudes, environments, muck, striations, strata, and
over and over again this is brought home to us, brought homes,
sprays, endless organisms, DNA air particles, spores, viruses
molecular conglomerates; here is the song sung, VLF inside thin
walls, busy street beyond. When we die appointments are no
longer kept, numbers and address reference hollowness. No words
beyond the grave, no give and take among the surfaces of things
we call consciousness. We no longer bear witness to this
absence. The familiarity of the world is a fixture, alien
itself. Our commentary is lost. Consciousness dissolves, as if
it were a thing. We know this in our hearts because we, me, here
and now, can say this, be this, however not for long. What would
you make of this text, this piece - dance, video, anything -
when all the rest is silent, untoward. Our interiors are
borrowed, wayward. When you read this, know that something wrote
this. When you see the dance, know it has always already ceased.
The couplings of very low frequency are always present, another
ocean, imminent and immanent. The gap is unbearable, we no
longer bear it.

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