[NetBehaviour] Strong Anesthetic Endoscopy

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Sep 18 03:58:43 CEST 2021

Strong Anesthetic Endoscopy


>From Azure:

You said that you felt you were falling right, and falling

You would look at a table and couldn't tell it was a table.

You said you were tripping and thought things were shrinking
and expanding (growing).

Everything looked like it was in a fuzzy yellow/brown/green

They wanted to call an ambulance and you thought of a light
blue car taking you somewhere you didn't want to go.

You felt dizzy and groggy and nauseous.

When a relative called, you barked at me to get out of here
(the bedroom - I was napping with you). [To be fair I was

It took them 2 hrs to get you up.

The nurse said it was hard to "read" you.  One minute you said
you were feeling dizzy and nauseous, and the next you said you
were fine.

You said you were stumbling on your way out to the car. [For
some reason the ground was stumbling on my way to the car.]

You wanted me to park in front of the our building because you
didn't think you could walk around from the side on Aborn, but
when I stopped at the light on Empire and Westminster, you
wanted to jump out of the car and go inside by yourself.

You were holding on to the walls in the hall going inside the
building, you didn't want to hold my arm. [My body was
exploring my body.]

You insisted on pulling out your keys and unlocking the
building door. [I was a big boy now.]

I had to tell you when the doctor and nurse said at least
twice. [I learn fast.]

You told me that you were really uncomfortable and had to wait
1 - 1 1/2 hours to be taken and the bed was uncomfortable and
you were cold and chilled and eventually you asked a nurse for
a blanket and she brought you a thin blanket. When you napped,
you turned on the electric blanket. [I call it the difference
between being toast and toasty.]

>From me:

To be fair, she was absolutely right.

[The endoscopy was a success and so far nothing irregular has
been found.]

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