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Leonardo and Bron stood on the shore at Eboli. The flat sea stretched off to meet the emerald sky ahint. After a few minutes a little ripple arrived washing over their hot, dusty feet. Soon another and another. The waves broke on the shore in regular clumps. Bron shaded her eyes and looked out to the horizon. A brownish column of cloud was discernible. It got bigger and grew by the minute. The cloud grew quite tall and seemed to be approaching. Many seabirds flapped past the two as they gazed at the column which looked more like a big water spout. A wind ruffled the feathers of a roseate tern sitting by the pair. The column came closer and looked about one hundred feet tall. It shone. At the heart of it they could make out a shining human figure. It floated on the column of whirling water droplets. It put out its hand to them in a benediction and smiled upon their glowing little faces. They felt like Ratty and Mole standing meekly there. A warmth emanated from the column. Their faces shone more and reflected the watery golden light in dappled patterns that moved gently on their hair and skin. The column started to move away and gradually diminished. They turned to one another and their lips curled almost imperceptibly in knowing smiles.


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