[NetBehaviour] univirus

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 22 03:10:51 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/_SyI4Tqx1zg VIDEO

The you know univirus divides it splits it crumbles it crashes
it's centers it's centers it's universal it's you know virus
it does everything it splits into its own into its own mirror
image image mirror on its into onettes from there it seduces
you it grabs you it sucks your inside it sucks your mouth
until everything is empty of words it sucks your throat until
nothing passes up or down it sucks your limbs until you can
only watch and do nothing about the prevarication that
resolutely occurs with you know virus. No weight there's more
there's your sex there's your devouring there's your eating
your sex your devouring there's your coming and going to doc
doc doctors there's your apps.

There's your apse.

You know what I mean. You've been there. I've been there.
She's been there. He's been there. They've been there. We've
been there. All of us . And we can't move beyond the app which
is not short for application but is short for virus. You jump
from one to another on the blank flat screen. Bombs fall.
Bombs fall everywhere . Bombs are you know virus. They fall
everywhere they fall on you. They fall on me. There is not
enough time in the world for this. It's less than a bombs fall
wet virus nanosecond. It's the split of the split of the split
. That's what you are facing and now I have been here within
the sphere and I'm able to bring back to you these broken
images that look like everything you've seen from me before
but are in fact startlingly new emblematic of what happens
when your throat constricts [there's a war on] and you can no
longer breathe or hear or see and your throat swells until
everything emerges from what you have already sucked up from
the electonirus from your iris from your going concern /
flatter than there . Where are my neighbors ! Do I have time
to envy them? Are they listening outside the door? Are they
beyond me? Are they within me? some kind of RNA RNA spreads
everywhere across my chest cheek down there me across the
universe. It's not what you think it is it's not a chemical
it's not a virus it's not an organization it's not a biosphere
it's nothing. It's not dust. It's dust not dust. It's just not
just not dust dust dust not dust. It's dust dust dust not dust
dust dust not dust dust dust dust dust dust dust not not. What
are you that you believe me ?

Paragraph paragraph paragraph what are you that

you believe me ? Don't go there don't go back to that don't go
into the swamp don't suck yourself up don't suck anything but
be sucked be sucked be sucked swallow every app swallow every
pill swallow every molecule be sucked. Be sucked. Be sucked.

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