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Not About the Rabbit

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This is not about the rabbit this is absolutely not about the
rabbit this has nothing to do with the rabbit. What's a rabbit
is doing . That was not a reasonable statement to make. This
is not about the rabbit this is about the moon. This is about
lunar beings. This is about being scheduled to appear in her
suit outfits and trips accordion movements along the lines of
Bel Air mania. Saw that and they are sutorius atory centauri
centauri centauri quack . They are of the mania I'm dance.
Zero the roar of industrial machinery. The great factories.
The sky. The earth. Which is constructed and reconstructed D
construed all the way along by means of machinery which are
producing these buildings at an untoward rate. We need to
catch up and we need to catch on with ourselves. It's not
about the rabbit. Kwak! It's not about the Rabbit . It's all
about the Rabbit .



"The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to 
discover something that thought cannot think."

>From Philosophical Fragments, or A Fragment of 
Philosophy by Johannes Climacus, "Is an historical 
point of departure possible for an eternal 
consciousness; how can such a point of departure have 
any other than a merely historical interest; is it 
possible to be an eternal happiness upon historical 

Responsible for Publication, S. Kierkegaard, 
Originally translated and Introduced by David F. 

New Introduction and Commentary by Niels Thulstrup,

Translation Revised and Commentary Translated by
Howard V. Hong,

Princeton University Press, Copyright 1936, 1962

For a forthcoming book of theory, perhaps as an 
introductory remark, with or without the accessory 
attribution, in full or in part, or perhaps nothing 
more than Kierkegaard


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