[NetBehaviour] Shrine

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Sep 27 19:05:32 CEST 2021



I remember the Shinto shrines in Kyoto and now, here in
our capital city of Providence, a shrine to neoliberalism
and greed, the Kami have fled across the water somehow
back to an other world, to a world of otherness, anything
to cancel the lack that gnaws at them, at all of us, you
understand already the style of this, continuous sentence
but also continuous sentencing, of this wounded land and
far too many wounded people, literally and metaphorically,
the farther reaches of the hilly city so much cleaner, so
much safety, surely something of the wealth and its quiet
enjoyment could be passed around, yet instead we have now
this construction zone after a parking lot with a two-
storey garage was torn down to make room for a parking
lot with a two-storey garage or so we've been told, the
builders of this city, the entrepreneurs, have no interest
at all in the bettering of the community, except of course
for those who can pay, the two-storey is the same old
story of course, there's nothing new in this account but
for the same tale of abandonments, empty buildings, luxury
thrown around like the clean word it isn't, the shrine I'm
sure already gone, I am sorry I can't be more giving here,
in this account, but it dead ends in rubble, the real
future of this places, even the enclaves will collapse
beneath the weight of violent wealth, subterranean skitter,
that other violence, those other bad bad schools.

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