[NetBehaviour] Oh,

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 28 14:39:11 CEST 2021


(Ossi Oswalda, our feral cat, since deceased, rest in peace)

Everything I do has a point to it. It's often a weak point.
It's often a point that it faces itself. There's nowhere to go
with it except in terms of style. I hate style. I hate
stylistics. They get in the way of trying to say something
that's raw and uncomfortable. I'm not sure where to go with
this. I'm never sure where to go. It's always a case of things
falling apart into a form of rocks sliding down a hill or
mountain no a hill but stopped all the time by small
declivities, or small proturbances, they get in the way of
whatever thinking I'm trying to do. The truth is I'm lazy . I
have no interest in reading the fine points of theory. I don't
understand mathematics. I don't even understand addition. I
just run around as if I have some intelligence and that's the
point of even this text . To show to show how smart I am by
showing how stupid I am. That's my usual brilliant maneuver.
But it shows how stupid I am by trying to show how smart I am.
And the original version of this this was written much better.
Almost like an aphorism! But here it's dead not in the water,
but on the side of the mountain! Where I enjoy myself hanging
onto a tree just above the abyss .

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