[NetBehaviour] Rooted in Routes

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 29 07:09:37 CEST 2021

Rooted in Routes

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A root is not a route. To route is not to root . // Text
routed in roots . Is thought routed in roots . Body routed in
roots. Routed in routes as if through the roads bypassing the
roots . The route always seems to imply some sort of a tip or
end . But when something is routed to the roots one can think
of a network of roots not a network of routes . To route
something is to constrict it . To root something is to create
a vector tip . The origin of the vector . They are different
and work through different filters . They work through
different routes to different routes or through different
routes to different roots . The root is not primary . They
work through different roots to different roots or through
different roots to different routes . If I stop talking just
for a couple of seconds I can just a couple of seconds I can
no longer talk here . The talking disappears into the thin air
. Listen, this is fundamental, distinction lies between roots
and routes, within roots and routes . Learn from sound and
noise . Study these . Do nothing but think filters and
constrictions . All construction is constriction . All
construct is constriction . All filters construct . All
filters constrict . // I'm at a loss trying to reconstitute
what might have been . The machine is impatient . The machine
is always impatient . The user is always a patient .

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