[NetBehaviour] Disability-led tech innovation in the performing arts- panel discussion.

Danielle Imara danielleimara at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 12:15:54 CEST 2021

IJAD Dance is hosting a Connective Matrix panel
discussion on Disability-led tech innovation in the performing arts.
The guests are awesome: Jo Verrent
from Unlimited, <https://wearefreewheeling.co.uk/sue-austin-home> Sue Austin
<https://wearefreewheeling.co.uk/sue-austin-home> of the famous deep sea
diving wheelchair plus Alice Sheppard <https://kineticlight.org/bio> and Laurel
Lawson <https://kineticlight.org/bio> from Kinetic Light.
<https://kineticlight.org/about> BSL interpreting from artist Susan Merrick.
It'll be live streamed on the OOT platform *Mon 04 October 16:30-17:30 BST
(UK) **11:30 EDT*
*TICKETS £5 from: *
[image: c_DESCENTbyKineticLight_Fetches_PhotobyJay_Newman (1).jpeg]

Laurel Lawson, a white woman with short-cropped teal hair, is flying in the
air with arms spread wide, wheels spinning, and supported by Alice
Sheppard. Alice, a multiracial Blacck woman with coffee-coloured hair, is
lifting from the ground below. They are making eye contact and smiling. A
burst of white light appears in a dark blue sky. Photo by Jay newman/BRITT

Insta: @danielleimara
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