[NetBehaviour] Teo Spiller, Alan Sondheim: Capriccio for Ukraine

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 2 19:54:20 CEST 2022

Teo Spiller, Alan Sondheim: Capriccio for Ukraine



Alan Sondheim was on a sarangi instrument, from his home in Rhode
Island via Zoom, accompanying Teo Spillers robot La-laboro, as
it was "doing its job" in Ljubljana. A human plays an analog
instrument in the warm environment of his home, while the iron
creature thousands miles away does what it's programmed to do.
Similar to the contrast between the cold ruthless military which
is, controlled from save bunkers far away, attacking people who
defend their lives and homes.

As Alan pointed out: "The robot spells out "Ukraine"; the sound
is iron, the iron of war. The sarangi comes in and out of focus,
as a problematic accompaniment. What can we do, but produce,
object, create? What does war do? I want to thank Teo for giving
me the opportunity to accompany the original score. I think of
score, scoria, thrown rock, debris, harbored and transformed
into writing; writing transformed into cutting; cutting
transformed into a commentary on other cuttings, other writing.
The sarangi is part of that. I am safe in my room, playing
sarangi; none of us are safe as long as some of us are not."

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