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Really like this, there seems to be an influence of Buckminster Fuller in
the building, and the deconstruction produces antenna-like structures which
are familiar in other realms.
Also appreciate the (non)integration of the landscape into the image of
deconstructed shards -

Best, Alan -

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>  40°21'55.22"N  74°10'2.53"W
> Listed in the National Register on June 26, 2017, the Bell
> Laboratories-Holmdel is significant for the architectural design work of
> Eero Saarinen and Associates.
> Just as Google uses a network of technologies to bring us their products
> such as GoogleEarth, it has been used here as other network technologies
> are being used today in place or alongside other technologies that were
> once the exclusive domain other media. A realm of photography is available
> in which the digital object is created from afar.
> http://anthonystephenson.org/art/BellWorksOnceBellLabs.mp4
> #newphotography
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