[NetBehaviour] Oratorio: What Remains

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 12 07:42:39 CEST 2022

Oratorio: What Remains

https://youtu.be/NSqkHTH_r9g VIDEO

Azure Carter, song, voice, photography
Edward Schneider, saxophone, Zoom video
Alan Sondheim, viola braguesa, chromatic harmonica,
echo harmonica, violaline, classical guitar, rababa

Day's remnants, war's remnants, remnants of disease,
song's remnants, music's remnants

Recorded in one take, this version from a single H4n
or H2n. We recorded around 8 tracks, but this already
had the right balance. Single take improvisation. Oh,
and I'm mouth-breathing, not scowling. Azure's song
"What Remains" drawn out, dirge, chant, memory of war
which is not memory. The imminent is always imminent,
the immanent is always immanent. This may well be our
best improvisation to date, and I didn't feel there
was any bad or awkward playing on my part. The couch
appears to be sinking into the ground. It was dark
outside, quiet for once. What else but that the war
may end before the onslaught slaughterhouse in the

Between Minneapolis and Providence there is a country.

- Alan Sondheim

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