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what causes satisfaction is pure form experienced in selfless
"The statement, elevation is beautiful, is not governed by concepts, by
which I mean that, you know, you can't give a description that implies that
is beautiful, you can't say, well, you know, it is Preussian blue and
symmetrical and has a peculiar look and has their cat next to them. And
therefore it is beautiful. You can't do that. But the reason is not that
elevation is beautiful is a peculiar concept. But because the judgment is
not a conclusion. It is a hypothesis or rather a guess, about what will
happen when you do elevation. But again, as I said, you can't tell in
advance what will happen. That's where I like to think of it in terms of
what the fragrance seller of Bhopal said, when s/he defined elevation as a
promise of happiness. It's a promise that needs to be kept. It could be
kept and be disappointing or worse, it can be kept and be bad for you and
you don't know."
[image: 15-overlay-R.png]

  ♪ ♪

  Any time of year
  Any time of year

  Some dance to remember,
  some dance to forget

  And still those voices
  are calling from far away

  Such a lovely place
  Such a lovely place

  What a nice surprise
  What a nice surprise


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