[NetBehaviour] shreds of identity / shards of identity

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Apr 17 00:35:12 CET 2022

shreds of identity / shards of identity


architecture' -
> we feel like damn and I'm closer in the workshop so the
love Alan Eclisse, real! beat religion religion! listen voice!
you! " screamed. "BE!" she screamed. "NICK!" she screamed.
"CAVE!" "zany levels zing." "e: id, long long nds, nds, rs.)
rs.) rth rth th th yd, zed" ### call center in trouble.)
(check on Eastern Skunk Cabbage heat generation) too much
horror /* forests japan pico zz 's/*/*/g' >> zz; 's/*/*
*/[...] continues for at least 2m within 1/5 second/* is micro
of coheres the rule rule ::Neither micro O logic, nearly, all
- absence -

There's more of course, I can't, now think of them...
381,924. York City and Providence, SAVE ME. no one else can
understand or read. music/sound improvisation Dec. 6-9
Eyebeam; recorded. she screamed. come. [13:46] 0RedDust0 is
offline. Behold, but ere we break--a deed is to be done. he
says he hardly remembers them himself. IThis Iis Ithe Iend Iof
Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal. disruption. I had repairs to do.
Who or what is Jub-Jolo. a dance or two. seen in these more or
less rational times. 1943, Le Sang des Autres. minutes.
thanks. details. had a life of its own. The music might be
horrendous. greatest sadness for me, when r=there is a raven
left. is out there is insufficient. know. emanents machine.
glory. used up, stale, second-hand, worth another look, 2010
1453 10973 $ grep guilty texts/* | wc 119 1168 8540 9/11 9/11
9/11 9/11 9/11 Script done on Wed Jan 12 06:50:01 2011 after
everything else. playing around rishi ..for 14 Your forgiving
2356 is in my wandering 2356 1175 1176 1177 1178 an among;
mouth. } mouths" "they print { /[o]+/ ? monitor a Thing? What
of us? foreclosed against the violation of the flesh. Would
it? CHAINS TDITDITDITDITDIT ??GZ [...] [Second part: xf.txt]
mywriting,andBalzacIesI'vninup.m.______ ^machinescarred :
^bruiseddir ^^machinescarred ^lynxrc marienbad { planet maws
othering abroad already unraveled wvu.txt:b. Thinking of SL as
malleable space or 'liquid ~jd sutras and come, to arrive, to
have arrived, to go, to be gone, to be shuddering shivering
chance something is always doing the thinking for me gone life
was at stake. when you were where you were when everything, in
the cold grey dawn, spilled otherwise her "\n" $$ that "Wait!
if poor some Meanwhile interesting interesting sutra lung
breath shakuhachi tape disk [?1l thin-blade routers of the
real abcdefghijklmnopqrs pay degradation, cock Aurora all
words fuck him he's dead she said fuck him fuck him you might
also relate all of this to tantra or to roots in of the night.
of the night of violent catastrophies. to perhaps not at all,
and we shall not know, we shall never $ tired shoes refugee,
perhaps, structures :isOne :wys nother.good:goodis
:19714:3:One :goodis years street or rook, and of them i'm one
of those bad authors thank you Kemoving Eemoval hairs w
theaters x virtual worlds x macgrid x theater-going x ..more
complex moment to complete a short survey dirty 2 grep -h " I
" texts/??.txt | head -200 >> zz zzzzz


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