[NetBehaviour] what happens with old work when

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Apr 29 06:26:51 CET 2022

what happens with old work when


_At the moment I'm trying to figure out
where these videos are from because they
are quite old that I made years ago and I
have no idea where they're from and what
they're doing here and I can't remember
what the mechanism was that I used to
create them. My friends are replying
back-and-forth while I'm trying to write
you whoever my audience might be who could
tell me what this was that I was actually
working on about 15 years ago I might have
been sooner I'm not really sure but
whatever it is it's mysterious and got off
of beautiful and I really have no idea and
not the compunction or compassion to try
to figure out where this is coming from or
where it's going. If you can hear this and
listen to this and you recognize the idea
of the emergency that what I am doing is
talking in a way that procures and
presumes an emergency so that what you are
hearing is in relationship to the image
done 15 years ago where there might have
been an emergency that occasioned this
image and what I am saying might be the
proclivity to procure that emergency and
bring forward bring it forward bring it
forward once again. There is a rush on
this occasion to understand what I am
doing when I was doing this in the past
and it's not that long ago that it's a
childhood memory whatsoever but in those
intermittent zones where I cannot
understand what long blanknesses I had as
I moved from one side of the country into
1 accountant to another continent without
stop always on the move trying to figure
out where and when I was going and here's
the absolute proof of it that I cannot
remember what this video was about or what
occasion did. To dictate is the only way
to tell the absolute truth about what the
mind is thinking without calling up memory
or vast areas of compassion or emotion
that might otherwise get in the way of
simply speaking and allowing the speech to
cover the meaning and the position of
consciousness and relationship to all of
this is consciousness falters and
disappears goes back and eventually dies
out and the language continues.

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