[NetBehaviour] Broken Theory (again and for the last time)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 30 04:12:25 CET 2022

Broken Theory (again and for the last time)


I love my new book and you will too!

Azure's in the other room hanging out and there's noise
outside from a motorcycle and I want to talk about my new book
which I really love. It's a book which really sort of
summarizes everything but at the same time every single
sentence is the gem it opens up a new vista into a space that
is unbelievably compact and contains so much more new
information and one could believe that one has to read it in
order to come to grips with what it's saying which is always
already brilliant. Now there's something else, which is the
breeziness of the book. The breeziness of the book is what
makes it so much a delight that it's breezy and almost
impossible to understand although you don't realize it because
your mind is literally jumping from word to word some of which
are difficult including some of the mathematics which I'm sure
is wrong from the top to the top to the start were wrong from
the start to the stop. The mathematics is something that slows
the book up grinds it to a halt improves my ignorance. I love
my mathematics for that reason. If there was something else I
would say about my book instead it's either the greatest or
the 2nd greatest book that I have ever written and might be
the 1st or 2nd greatest book that I have ever read but no, I
reserve that for The Bible on one hand and then for most of
the writings by Marie Claire Blais which I highly recommend.
If you don't believe me on any of this then this conversation
which is one way of course is not for you but in any case I
would suggest that you take the time to go in order a copy of
the book which you can get as a nice neatly bound soft bound
rather color cover paper back or, you can instead download a
pdf which isn't as much fun to read and the page's don't feel
as nice they really don't feel at all does a page ever feel,
but it will save you money and space on your bookshelf. of
course you need a computer to do that but I assume you already
have a computer if you're reading this as I assume you are now
otherwise you wouldn't be at this point in the dialog I should
say monolog. I must also say that this is one of the very few
times I have had images in the book and because of that each
image is worth its wait in gold, I think there are six or
seven of them and each of the images contains so much more
information per square inch in the book then the book itself
can conceivably carry by means of its type and typography.
Perhaps if I'd use smaller type and typography it would have
added up to more information per square inch then the images
in the book but I didn't. I did want the book to be readable
it's a terrific book worthy to stand just to the left of and
in front of the Bible and then for most of the writings of
Ludwig the Wiz Wittgenstein.

You can get the free and guaranteed clean pdf or the new real
book at


and I suggest you do.

(Mind you, I wrote this in an hysterically jovial mood trying
to ward off a day of exceptionally bad international and
personal news. I do think the book is based a great deal on
the increasing horrors of everyday life, treating these as
conditions that seem almost built-in to civilizations of the
past several thousand years; it's also based on problematic
theories that create and refashion their own domains through
reification that operates within explanatory silos that
themselves are totalizing. Apologies for the latinate. I do
enjoy the text above as a kind of preposterous apostrophe.)

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