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Corey Eiseman corey at toegristle.com
Fri Aug 5 03:20:29 CEST 2022

I’ve done a few more since


I’ve also been tinkering with the website itself for the first time in
decades, to make viewing better on a phone or tablet, although that’s still
a work in progress.

Max, always great to hear from you! You may notice a Leonardo emblem in the
mix from the links you sent me.

Edward, good questions. I’m still learning Affinity Photo and so it’s not
second nature to me like Photoshop is, but overall I like it. More
important than any software differences, I can see how having it available
on a tablet is going to encourage me to keep momentum going. I don’t really
want to sit down at a computer any more than I already do for work, which
probably explains the lack of activity over the last many years, but
tinkering with a collage on an iPad is a different dynamic. I really like
that aspect of it. As part of that change, I’ve also noticed with the iPad
I’m more likely to work on one a little at a time over several days,
letting it percolate and looking at it periodically, whereas I used to be
more likely to time-box it and post whatever I had whether I liked it or

I can’t say I’ve never removed anything, but it’s pretty rare. It’s much
more likely something will get covered up or merged into the background
than explicitly removed.


On Fri, Jul 1, 2022 at 3:25 PM Edward Picot <edward at edwardpicot.com> wrote:

> Corey,
> It's lovely to have a browse through these again! I especially like the
> one where the guy's holding up a sign that says 'I'm not usually a sign
> guy, but Geez'. But I love the feel of the whole series, the referentiality
> and pop art aesthetic of it. I'd be interested to know what difference
> you're finding in the change from Photoshop/Mac to Affinity Photo/iPad, if
> any; and also, do you ever actually remove anything? Or do you just keep
> adding?
> Edward
> On 6/29/22 3:40 PM, Corey Eiseman wrote:
> http://toegristle.com/?id=357
> For those interested in such things, this entry marks a process change, in
> that I used Affinity Photo on an iPad, rather than Photoshop on a Mac.
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