[NetBehaviour] Museums Without Walls conference exhibition - Queen's University, Aug 15-17

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*Museums Without Walls*
Conference and Exhibition
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
Aug 15-17

Check the full program and register at museusemparedes.com/en

In the spirit of critical and social museology, the Museums Without Walls
conference invites us to reclaim notions of virtuality from the
technopositivist buzz and revisit the long history of relationships between
museums and media.

The many contributions to the event open space for the discussion and
exercise of new configurations for art institutions amidst other
information technologies. They propose further ways to dispute ossified
narratives and account for overlooked artforms; access and engage with
collections; return cultural artifacts to the spheres of circulation; take
care of the publics, their histories, circumstances, and modes of

The conference is accompanied by a week-long exhibition that gathers
projects that reimagine our modes of cultural engagement, access, and
preservation, using media as diverse as publications, interactive videos,
and immersive environments.

Keynotes by Michael Connor (Rhizome), Sarah Kenderdine (Experimental
Museology Lab / University of Lausanne), Pippin Barr (Concordia
University), and Sara Diamond (OCAD University).

The event also counts with the participation of: George Oates (Flickr
Foundation); Luisa Ji & Jerrold McGrath (UKAI Projects); Teodora Fartan
(CSNI/LSBU); Katharina Niemeyer (UQAM); Blake Fall-Conroy & Nimrod Astarhan
(Art Institute of Chicago); Treva Legassie (Concordia University); paula
roush (CSNI/LSBU); Aarati Akkapeddi; Brandie MacDonald (Museum of Us); Chao
Tayiana Maina (African Digital Heritage); Danuta Sierhuis & Jennifer Nicoll
(Agnes Etherington Art Centre); Jennifer Kennedy (Queen’s University);
Michael Carter-Arlt (Toronto Metropolitan University); Mikayla Brown
(Temple University); Su-Anne Yeo (University of British Columbia); Elina
Lex (Concordia University); Diego Rotman (The Hebrew University of
Jerusalem); Lea Mauas (Queen’s University); Catalina Alvarez, Liz Flyntz &
Leander O’Connell Johnson (Ant Farm Antioch Art Building Creative
Preservation Initiative); Bethany Berard (Carleton University); Sarah E.K.
Smith (Western University); Ellie Décary-Chen, Lucas LaRochelle & Prakash
Krishnan, Heather Mitchell (Things+Time); Jung-Ah Kim, Peggy Fussell, Tia
Bankosky, Prerana Das, Drew Burton, Jessa Laframboise, Anna Douglas
(Queen’s University); Diogo de Moraes Silva; Gallery 404; Mari Nagem;
Michael Lou; Museum of Other Realities; SystemKollectiv; The Broken
Timeline; The Zium Society; Velcro Ediciones, andZentrum für Netkunst.

Museums Without Walls is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council, Queen’s University, Screen Cultures and Cultural Studies
Program, and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.
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