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What is Philosophy?

I have boundless faith in the answer.

by Maria Damon and Alan Sondheim


Part One

Part One.

It should be able to then it says dictation isn't fully
supported in this app but that's OK because if we want to make
mistakes that's going to be fine too do you see I see said the
blind man that's me the blind man I'm not saying you're blind
I'm saying yeah I know I get it yeah OK so so we doing it now we
seem to be OK we could get help or we could exit we should stay
here as long as we can now this will fill up and stop working
and then we'll have to start it again OK OK so are we just what
I thought we would discuss instead of war because we're always
talking about war is warm warm I like that warm though yeah warm
stuff warm see now it has to catch up your warm stuff warm stuff
warmth warmth no it's got no it's that that's perfect that's
that's perfect so it's going going hurrah going hurrah warmth
warmth OK well I feel warm toward you right now Alan I feel warm
towards you and then too warm out though it it is tomorrow well
we were talking about OK I'm gonna stop it for a SEC .

So we were talking about 1971 I think 1972 night 1972 did
anything happen in 1972 I when 19 junior in high school and I
was a grandfather no I went I was not a grandfather in 1972 no
definitely not I was not a grandfather I might have been a
grandmother or wished I was a grandmother but my grandmother was
still alive I think I don't think mine were I don't think I had
any of the grand people's still alive then my grandmother died
at the age of 103 Oh my God I'm so sorry for you because it
means you're gonna have to live that long I don't think so that
was just one side of the family . When you say. Then it does
that magically appears and magically appears yes so so was 1971
a better year than 1972 I'm not sure I'm trying to remember
where I was I think both of those years I think I was actually
in Soho I think I finally made it to Soho and I think I had
three records out by then records not CD's or anything were
those the best years of your life they were probably the best
and worst years of my life am I like I I wrote recently that my
life seems to have been the same all the way along in other
words it's not like I feel closer to death now I felt just as
close to death back then for example and I have memories now
that are from like a week ago but I have memories also from .
Now perhaps it will allow us to continue but I have memories
that go back from when I was around 14 or 13 and was thinking of
self harm and things like that already at that age and that sort
of stuff it's just it's just continue from from them so it's
it's like a series of images that will he said waving his arms
around wildlife series of images that well just stop at a point
a series of images related to self harm no no no no no related
to past history about you .Yeah do you feel that you are
different than than you are now yeah yeah it was much more raw I
didn't have any sense that my feelings were normal I I there
were there were no standards there was no education about my
internal life so I thought there was something wrong with having
an internal vivid internal life I thought it was abnormal I
didn't realize that everyone has a vivid internal life . I had a
I thought I I thought I was abnormal yeah me too I thought I was
and I thought my sexuality which was all over the map what is
abnormal at that time Yep same pure feel that way anymore well
that's not entirely true I don't feel that way with the same
degree of anguish or intensity . Oh I do I I that that stayed
with me sort of all my life and the and the trauma I was telling
you about the trauma I had when years and years and years ago
and that trauma has stayed with me all my life so I feel I've
been damaged by it adorno talks about. Adorno talks Talks about
a damaged life in minimum morality I think that's his you know
reflections from a damaged life or something like that and that
phrase took stuck with me and when I had my first industrial
music group years and years ago we called it damaged life and we
still have cassette tapes from that. That would be cool to hear
sometime Oh yeah I can put them on anytime they're still on
cassette you know . So can you say something then about your
relationship to Iggy Pop Iggy Pop or to yeah to Umm well Iggy
was the burst of energy that erupted inside of me and I was
completely unprepared for it I didn't ask for it to happen I was
deeply into tick nahan and kind of calming all the emotions and
a certain kind of self-care and then here comes this kid from
the screen of YouTube just completely metallic KO I was on the
floor for years knocked out by his energy and the masterful way
in which he performed they're kind of teetering on the edge of
transcendence and a basement that in a lot of ways that esthetic
pool has defined my inner life that's what I have to say about
Iggy Pop . That's actually brilliant I'm surprised .

I was more interested in why I wasn't Bob Dylan. I wanted to be
like Bob Dylan I wanted to walk like Bob Dylan I remember trying
to walk like Bob Dylan and then when I met Vito acconci I tried
to walk like Vito acconci believe it or not and I seemed more
successful at that because it was more give and take with with
veto than it was with Bob Dylan who I never met although I have
memories of being on stage with Bob Dylan because I think it was
at Carnegie Hall he had some concert where they ran out of seats
and the people who are overflow were on stage grounding him and
I remember being one of them but it could be a false memory why
me I actually tried to. I actually tried to find out and I did
find that he had a New York concert at Carnegie Hall at the time
that I thought I was on stage with with Bob Dylan so I was
probably on stage with Bob Dylan are there pictures from the
time showing that there were people seated on stage I don't that
I don't know I never looked for for pictures up interest awaits
the oh God .


So if this is like a performed conversation then is it also like
a poetry reading and if I keep going down that road won't this
become so self referential it'll sound like poetry it already is
it already is and then maybe we should back out and try to open
the garage door and take another car . I think it's far more
self referential than poetry because a lot of poetry relies
either on unusual language or unusual imagery and this does
neither it just relies on personal anecdote well wouldn't you
say however, Maria, that in a sense all poetry and all language
can be nothing more than personal anecdote because someone is
always doing the speaking even if no one is listening? What did
you just say what what huh all language all language could be
nothing more than personal anecdote because someone is always
doing the speaking even if no one is listening ? ID in
particular does anyone really listen to poetry well Jack Spicer
had something to say about that but it's so threadbare that I
won't bore you with the particulars . Well but if no one is
listening to Jack Spicer then no one really it doesn't really
matter whether he said it or not this is philosophy beyond my
pay grade or should I say beneath my pay grade . Well changing
the subject to your turn goes to hold forth on some yes hold 4th
or 5th as the case may be five fingers and each one of them has
a tale to tell full of wrinkles and slugs and nubs of knuckles
and bubbles and fluffles and kerfuffle . Well would you like to
tell one of those tales I will I will tell the tale of the index
finger the index finger is by nature a happy soul . I would
assume you would apply some more to the feet for example where
the index toe is connected to the sole directly I cannot point
at any took at I cannot point at anything with any toe other
than my big toe so is that my index toe ? It does seem to me
that the other toes and this may not be the case but I believe
it is that the other toes are also pointing it's just that
they're very very subtle . Do you realize that when you point
your big toe at someone and accusing them of something there are
four smaller toes pointing back at you accusing you of the same
thing .


I always thought the other toes the other four toes were
applauding . Well that's really sweet .

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