[NetBehaviour] In Memoriam, Unknown, Piano Solo

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Aug 21 04:33:04 CEST 2022

In Memoriam, Unknown, Piano Solo

http://www.alansondheim.org/PianoFZHV.mp3 (Piano3)

Years ago I had a directory with a large number of files in a
directory on the ESP-Disk server. At one point the directory was
eliminated; I wasn't told and wasn't able to download the files.
I found some of them on an Apple IPod that I still own. It was
of course possible to download them, but the names were changed
and the compression was terrible. One of them was called
FZHV.mp2 and it's fairly interesting piano. I'm not sure what
instrument I was using; it's even difficult to tell whether it
was acoustic or electric. When I played it back through Quick-
Time the title changed on the interface to "Piano3". So be it.
Because of the odd resolution and loss and retrieval, I thought
the two images were reasonable accompaniments; one is a dead
Swallowtail butterfly that was lying, without visible injury,
next to our building; the other was a shell-like object in the
inlet of the Providence River; it was below a sea-wall, the
image blurred as a result of the choppy water. Puncta, neither
debris nor demarcations, and I thought to myself, as any first-
grader would: "Why Alan this is a marvelous and sad collection
and sad, even the music sad thinking it is being orphaned by the
loss of its online homeland, Oh what to Do! What to Do!" Well
all online homes are ultimately outlets and wreckage, nothing
lasts forever, but here's a piano retrieval, accompanied by the
ineluctable dimmings, not only of memories, but of the things
and lives themselves, and their ineluctable dimmings as well.

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