[NetBehaviour] adjacency, kudzu, Charlottesville, Virginia

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Aug 30 01:32:58 CEST 2022

adjacency, kudzu, Charlottesville, Virginia

https://youtu.be/jfWhhOJgyIw video

The northern boundary of kudzu appears to be moving, as climate
change creates the proper conditions. Kudzu, a Japanese import,
grows rapidly; I was told, in Atlanta, between 10" and a foot
daily. It's incredibly difficult to eradicate; I was told, in
Atlanta, that gasoline and fire was necessary. In Atlanta, I was
told, it originally was imported as fodder for cows which
weren't interested. It alters the shape of things, surrounding,
rounding, globular. Whole houses has been devoured. Its shape
devours adjacent shape. It rounds, integrates. It's the loss of
things, of detail, of history - or rather history transforms
from detail to period. What's transformed is irretrievable, not
only covered and smoothed, but also internally dissolved, gone.
What is the phenomenology of the gone? I might write "gone" in
quotations, but that presupposes retrieval, that what is gone is
somewhere. It is nowhere. It remains nowhere. The video is
slowed to a quarter speed, kudzu evident. One might say perhaps
that kudzu is everywhere and nowhere at all. Slide the cursor
across the timeline; everything becomes clear and inconceivably
blurred at the same time. The air is not the same everywhere but
the air is the air and the air is not the same anywhere at all.


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