[NetBehaviour] dust, adjacency, hardening

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 31 05:04:53 CEST 2022

dust, adjacency, hardening


dust divides - into the truck, into the air, hardened into the
ground, fossils as well, adjacency in fossils define strata,
tend towards identity strategies, that is nomenclature assigned
to proximity fissures notwithstanding, as for the rest, into the
air it goes, clouds, fogs, accumulates, mathematical dusts,
aggrievances, ill-health, cantor dusts for example, the machines
are separators, accumulators, tampers, brushworks, wedgeworks,
what can't be inscribed is transported, taken elsewhere, lost in
the holocene, disappearance of histories, radioactive dating
likely possible, the world is always already posthumous, we're
ground down by it, we're ground, we're sintered, disconnected
from nothing, from the air we breathe, from the air we breathed,
rubble world, chromatographies, it's in action, inaction, the
air yes we breathed standing there, moving aside, effluvia, the
running machines, the worthies and unworthies, judgments,
judgmental, judgelementals, slate wiped clean, here's literally
the rub, slate wiped clean by nothing, by absence, by fissure or
fissures to the limit, to the forgotten, linkages, articulations
solvencies, erased narratives, erased origins, erased erasures,
bleakland, empty land, empty lands, neither this nor that,
neither they or them, here's the writing for you, the writhing,
here's its absence, always already lost, always unready, gone
worlds gone, gone go one eon no on o


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