[NetBehaviour] The Loss of the point, point of the loss

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 8 19:50:37 CET 2022

The Loss of the point, point of the loss

https://youtu.be/Q-yXi7vOwKQ video

I don't see are you here I'm trying to get I'm trying to get a
message across can you hear me I think I think you're coming
through the music is going down at this point very briefly but I
think you're you're coming through Are you can you hear me is
the music coming through hello... Make a period here Now can you
still hear me. Make a period here see what happens if you make a
period this is going to I think this will start over again and
then oh I'm still dictating oh I wish there was a way to make
this louder without turning it up louder like that I would have
to do here on this So this brings it down to where it would have
to be in order to continue order to continue making this piece
so I wonder is this coming I do not know what is coming through
here I absolutely do not know what's coming through here.
There's a blank spot when I turn the sound up which I do very
often when I turn the sound up and everything it's as if it can
only take it's as if it's divided into 2 and it can only take
one piece of particulate matter It just brings it down do you
see it just so it comes and he's got awful waves that are
incontrovertibly difficult to deal with so OK it's reaching the
end it reaches zero point and it starts immediately it starts
over again this is playing a sarangi by the way . I'm not
particularly good on the instrument at this point it's been so
long I'm incredibly rusted I'm rusted out I'm rusted out you can
see what's happening here the the difficulty of all of this is
just it's just completely completely out of control It was that
I'm pretty sure it was that which is fascinating when I look
down here I see there are three things at work simultaneously
and of course this is part of the problem . So this is part of
the problem and there's very little to listen to because the
sound that your end must be ferociously going up and down
whereas I've already recorded this I've pre recorded it so I
understand totally what's happening with it and I don't have to
think about it anymore than I'm thinking about it here and I
wonder if this is actually gonna reproduce the voice at the same
time at the same time that this is producing the sound going up
and down like in some kind of horrific waves which I may be able
to handle and reduce to something when I finally get the final
version done and can control the sound perhaps doing some kind
of leveling experiment in Adobe audition . Thank you for
listening .... when I _hand enter_ there's no problem at all...
of course this isn't the point...

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