[NetBehaviour] Brig Castle Improvisation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 26 00:42:05 CET 2022

Brig Castle Improvisation

Maud Liardon improvisation / choreograph? avatar? at the Brig
Castle in Switzerland - brilliant! Through Foofwa d'Imobilite,
Alan Sondheim video/mise en abyme


Somewhere in the distance, flat against a wall of the brig's
castle karma that's capital Brig karma that karma is a karma ,
Co MA, is the karma is the karma Co MA, as an improvisation that
was done this within and without the aegis of the Alps . You did
get that right didn't you? I'm dictating this during a migraine
with flashes and an enormous pressure on the front of my
forehead going back towards my ears but not all the way back but
it does seem to affect my jaws. The original of this of course
is from around the year 2006 with full four and mod and Azure
karma karma karma chameleon, and that is Foofwa and Maud, I find
the symmetry intense karma the cemetery relating not so much to
decoration as to something intrinsically human, a signaling in
the dark and the cold. This is a signalling from then until now.
>From over there until here. So that I will use this to change
the originary description and places in its stead. Thank you .

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