[NetBehaviour] home in some cold war in the east

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 26 20:17:50 CET 2022

home in some cold war in the east

https://youtu.be/KyyGgun6TFY video

tonight is the last night i will write this.
i have been thinking of our friend's disappearance
years ago when the restaurant was destroyed in nazareth.
i've been thinking of the gully we never witnessed
thinking of a knife and no longer remember names
but the darkness and you'd better stand across the street.
and how we got there to where we were staying i remember
the night was hot the street poorly lit. the dark
and the yellow of the streetlamps and what had been of
comfort suddenly turned to something else and the gully
somewhere out there and we did not know anything, not know
and the knife and vengeance and we left to our own.
in the bus station and the way back out of nowhere now to
nowhere. and this
now our storm thousands of miles away xmas lights swaying
in our storm the menorah remaining, gently fastened there
or was it laying down as the storm calmly passed above, who
was the kind person, what gentleness in the rough winds,
who, and remaining and thus
in remembrance, and this nowhere, this nowhere


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