[NetBehaviour] Random notes for the end of the year

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Mon Dec 26 23:32:16 CET 2022

Why the Mona Lisa is network art für die Zeitenwende:

  1.  New media qua new media –
     *   new is a transient status that crosses historical time
     *   Once newer media are now older.  How old?  Furthermore: they are used in older or newer ways.  Things get old fast.
  2.  Network technology, network culture, network biology
     *   (from oil paint to electric railroads)
     *   The planet and everything on it react to events.  These include technology events, culture events, and biology events, and resulting reactions.
  3.  Network experience and network history
     *   (Hume by way of Hamilton)
     *   The Enlightenment timeframe tried to open some doors which had been shut tight against weather and bandits, in words and laws.
  4.  Biological and climatological constraints in natural time
     *   (Capra and brains' ambient heat)
     *   Brains heat themselves up and populate the planet with results.  Fritjof Capra knew Leonardo knew this and saw systems of systems.
  5.  Engineering, imagination, and design in technological time
     *   (clepsydra, Atlanticus 65v, rcin 912282)
     *   Leonardo drew humans made of clocks, driven by water, such as a statue that rang a bell by a river.  Garments.
  6.  Medieval history and the modern age
     *   (Stonehenge for Ukraine)
     *   Like ships displacing water, the medieval age weighed down and pushed aside the ancient, the ancient the indigenous, modern the medieval.
  7.  The law of small changes
     *   (the Arno and Esperienza of Apelles)
     *   The most honored art in ancient Greece wasn’t unpainted ruins and sculpture but paintings.  Apelles’ Calumny, archetype, was lost.  Lines break.
  8.  Digital bubbles and green infrastructure
     *   (crypto and Janeway)
     *   Government research invented the internet but its sons grew belligerent, plotting to destroy the source, burn the ladder.  Green revolutions languish.
  9.  Animal symbolicum and De Pace Fidei
     *   (nexus, relatio, and homo reticulum)
     *   I just recently read some Ernst Cassirer, understanding little, but the mind he attributes to Cusanus predates Leonardo.  Fabric of thoughts.
  10. Proof and consequences
     *   (Sustainable network and ein Wort für die Zeitenwende)
     *   If there had to be one word for the turning point, a percussion like IIZW96, might it be Esperienza?


PS: The Leonardo Trilogy is now finished.  A copy is in the 2022 Bienniale.no at https://biennale.no/about.html

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