[NetBehaviour] They are about to recreate Sharlyn 1 from their digital clone.

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Wed Dec 28 13:21:26 CET 2022

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Unlike prior methods that impose manual parameter setting by the operator
of digital clones, their invention provides automatic configuration. Thus
the operator is not obliged to set the parameters of their digital clone
manually. This function is still experimental.
"What's going on?
The memory transference with the link-it froze. Started overlapping!
"I'm trying to get into the files before we  start copying the clone."
"For what?
"Shaklyn 1 left a message for me the night s/he died. S/He knew someone
wanted to kill them."
"Did you tell the administrator?"
"Why not?"
"Please. This is my stuff, okay?"


"Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion."
sounds Shaklyn's voice channeling Democritus.


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